Out Of Town

Out Of Town

Consulting & Scheduling

We generally like to have atleast three consultations before proceeding for surgery. This helps us understand the aspirations of the individual and helps him/her understand the surgical plan, the options, the pros and cons and the recovery process. Consultation is held in an unhurried manner during which we often take photographs. It is wise to be accompanied with a family member or a close friend during the discussion. We also order for basic and appropriate investigations which are reviewed by the anaesthetist. Once we are satisfied that both the patient and the doctor are on the ‘same page’ a mutually convenient date and time is booked.


Out of Town Patients

A large number of our patients come from out of town or out of country for cosmetic surgery. It is our pleasure to work closely with you prior to your arrival and follow your recovery process while you are here and once you have returned back home.
If you are out of town and would like to set up your surgery and consultation in one trip, you will need to send us your pictures and medical information including basic investigations. Once we receive the photos, they are presented to the doctor and we will respond to you with pricing details and available dates.
Please send the pictures as attachments. Pictures should be of the areas of concern and of good quality. They should be taken by another person if possible and not in “selfie’ mode.



There are no shortage of economy and 5 star hotels in Delhi / Gurgaon (National Capital Region) of India.



Some patients prefer to have 24 hour nursing care for the first 2 days after surgery. We can organize nursing care services in the guest house where the patient chooses to stay. In addition, we have medical assistants available to assist those who need specialized care. Telephone numbers of all team members is available to you to answer any of your queries and concerns.