Ear Surgery (OTOPLASTY)

Ear Surgery (OTOPLASTY)


Otoplasty is the medical term for ear correction or ear reshaping. It is a common form of plastic surgery that can be used to change the size, shape or position of your ears.
If you feel you need to hide your ears because of their size, shape or position , otoplasty can help. We can provide plastic surgery to reduce your ears in size, reshape “bat ears”, or set your ears closer to your head (pinning), to give you a more symmetrical appearance.

Operating Time:

1 to 1 and half hour.

Procedure and Incisions:

This cosmetic surgery procedure is different for every patient depending on whether they need their ears re-shaping, reduced in size, or set closer to the head. To correct prominent or protruding ears, a plastic surgeon would remove the excess cartilage that is causing the ear to stick out before pinning the ear back along the fold into its new position.


Local with sedation.


Usually daycare.

Duration of Results: