Arm Lift

Arm Lift

The sagging of the tissues on the upper arm is a result of ageing and significant weight loss. This weight loss may be due to a pregnancy or a drastic diet change. When this happens, a bag-like flesh appears on the lower side of the upper arm. This becomes very visible when the arm is extended outward. This is known as Bingo Wings or Bat Wings. This defect can be remedied without having and noticeable scars. The skin and subcutaneous tissue is removed during surgery. These scars on the arm are worth the trade off for patients whose goal is to wear short sleeved shirts.

Incisions and technique:

It is important to talk to your surgeon before undergoing arm lift surgery. You have to discuss the surgical technique, the location, and the size of the incision. This will depend on factors like

  1. the portions of skin to be removed
  2. the location of the excess skin flap
  3. the volume of fat to be removedMost of the time, the incision is made at the inner and under surface of the arm. Incisions can be curved or zigzagged. In severe cases, incisions may begin at the armpit and extend all the way to the elbow. Take note that the pattern of skin removal follows a triangular fashion.

    In some cases, arm lift surgery is combined with liposuction. This yields dramatic results. Extra skin and fat is removed from the body and the remaining skin is sutured and stretched optimally.

    On some occasions, the area of incision is drained in order to better stitch the skin to the tissue underneath. These incisions are then bandaged for optimal healing.
    Patients can choose between the local anaesthetic and the general anaesthetic available. In most cases, patients choose the general anaesthetic for this surgery. Patients are numb for the duration of surgery which lasts for about two hours.

Operating Time:

1 to 2 hours.


General anesthesia.


You have to understand that all surgery involves risk. The nice news about arm lift surgery is that it is very safe when it is performed by a seasoned cosmetic surgeon.
If you smoke, are overweight, have diabetes, or other health conditions then you may experience complications in your surgery. Some of the risks associated with this type of surgery are as follows:
Bleeding and Hematoma, Wound Infection, Scarring & Serum collection

Duration of the Results:

Several years.